Being More Productive with Jupyter Notebooks : An Introduction to NBExtensions


Technology Learning Center, Room 215
1045 18th Street
Boulder, CO 

Join us on Thursday April 20th at 4 pm for our next Meetup. RSVP to save your spot. 

If you're using Jupyter, you know that larger notebooks can be difficult to manage and require some care. Did you know there is a growing ecosystem of "plugins" for notebooks called NBextensions? Available extensions are varied and take on a number of productivity issues when spending a lot of time within the Jupyter environment. Need to prettify code or change its font size? Would you like to number equations in your notebook? How about automatically build a table of contents for a more complex notebook? Or maybe just have an integrated spell checker? How about search and replace within your notebook?

In this talk, we'll cover how to enable NBextensions and then spend a little time going over a few really useful extensions that might make life a little easier for you as you continue to develop more notebooks.

Location: Join us in person at CU-Boulder – TLC 215 – or on the web at:

Instructor: Keith Maull, NCAR