Research Computing manages a set of supported software for use on RC systems. This software is published using an Environment Modules system.

Users are encouraged to build custom software in a project directory. Users may even maintain and publish local module files to dynamically configure a running environment to use the software. If this module is useful for the general user community, it may be adopted as a centrally-supported module.

We are happy to help with the installation of custom or third-party software. If you need assistance, please contact us at

Category Software Module name Comments
Commerical Applications Matlab matlab/R2016b
Mathematica mathematica/9.0
IDL idl/8.5
Compilers GCC gcc/6.1.0
Intel intel/17.0.0
PGI pgi/16.5
MPI Implementations OpenMPI openmpi/1.10.2
Intel intel/2017.0.098
Debuggers And Optimization Allinea allinea/6.0.4 The debugger program is ddt
Totalview totalview/2016.6.21
Tau tau/2.25.1
PAPI papi/5.4.3
Perfsuite perfsuite/1.1.4
Utilities Boost boost/1.61.0
FFTW fftw/3.3.4
GSL gsl/2.1
Python python/2.7.11, python/3.5.1
R R/3.3.0
Szip szip/2.1
HDF5 hdf5/1.10
MKL 17.0.0
NetCDF4 netcdf/4.4.0
LAPACK (via Intel MKL)
GDAL gdal/2.1.0
Visualization Paraview paraview/5.0.1
Visit visit/2.6.2
NCL ncl/6.3.0