Getting started as an external CU-Boulder user

People collaborating with CU-Boulder researchers may access RC resources, but must first obtain a CU-Boulder sponsored affiliate account. After that point, the process of getting an RC account is the same as for an internal CU-Boulder user.

Get a CU-Boulder sponsored affiliate account

The CU-Boulder faculty or staff member that you are collaborating with must apply for your sponsored account as your account sponsor by sending the required information to

When your account request has been processed and approved, you will receive login details for your account, including your new CU username and IdentiKey password. You will use these credentials to apply for an RC account.

Complete the RC account request form

Visit the RC Account Request portal to complete the account reqeust form. Select "University of Colorado - Boulder" as your affiliation, and provide your CU IdentiKey credentials (i.e., your username and password) to complete the rest of the form. After review, your account will be created by a member of the Research Computing staff, and login details will be provided to you by email.

Set-up two-factor authentication

Access to Research Computing resources requires two-factor authentication. Request smartphone-based Duo access or a Vasco physical one-time-password (OTP) generator by either

Be prepared to show your BuffOne card or other state-issued ID as part of the identity-confirmation process when you pick up your authenticator.

If you're using Duo, you'll receive credential registration instructions along with your invite.

If you're using the Vasco OTP authenticator (not the Duo Smartphone app) register it at the OTP Self Service portal, and verify that it works by following the instructions on the OTP Login Test page.

Next steps

Now that you have an RC account, you're ready to get started with the specific RC resources that you're interested in using.