The PetaLibrary is a National Science Foundation-subsidized service for the storage, archival, and sharing of research data. It is available for a modest fee to any US-based researcher affiliated with the University of Colorado Boulder. 

To request access to the PetaLibrary, please read the PetaLibrary Memorandum of Understanding (PetaLibrary MOU) and fill out the attached End User Agreement and the Order Form (Appendices A and B in the PetalibraryMOU.pdf below). When completed please scan and email the signed PetaLibrary MOU and Order Form to

Description of Service

Service Costs

Service Expectations

Accessing Storage

Grant Proposal Language

Please use the following language to cite or acknowledge the PetaLibrary in any published or presented work whose data was stored in the PetaLibrary.

Storage Resources were provided by NSF-MRI Grant ACI-1126839, MRI: Acquisiton of a Scalable Petascale Storage Infrastructure for Data-Collections and Data-Intensive Discovery.

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