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Summit is a heterogeneous supercomputing cluster based primarily on the Intel Xeon "Haswell" CPU, with secondary NVidia Tesla K80 and high-memory resources and, in the future, an Intel Xeon Phi "knights landing" MIC resource. It replaces Janus as Research Computing's flagship computational resource. All nodes sit on a first-generation Intel Omni-Path Architecture interconnect which also provides access to an IBM GPFS Parallel scratch file system. 

The Janus supercomputer is a Linux compute cluster capable of 184 TFLOPS (trillion floating-point operations per second). Funding for Janus was provided by the National Science Foundation (MRI grant CNS-0821794), the University of Colorado Boulder, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Crestone is a Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade system and is provided for jobs requiring more memory or longer runtimes than are available on Janus. This system is intended for single-node jobs and does not have access to a high-speed, low-latency network interconnect.

The Research Computing Condo Computing service offers researchers the opportunity to purchase and own compute nodes that will be operated as part of a cluster, named “Blanca.” The aggregate cluster is made available to all condo partners while maintaining priority for the owner of each node.

High Memory
There are 3 high-memory ("himem") nodes available. These nodes are available for use by the general community, but priority is given to departments who contributed to their purchase (e.g., IBG and Biofrontiers).

GPU Nodes
We currently provide two GPU-enabled nodes for visualization and GPU-accelerated applications.