Boulder Campus Cyberinfrastructure Board (BCCB)


The BCCB is a faculty-based governance board that guides and oversees the development and operation ofCU-Boulder's collaborative research computing environment. This includes the following components: computational systems, advanced networking, information and data management, education and training, as well as local, regional and national partnerships.

Current Members include:

Sponsor: Terri Fiez, Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Colorado Boulder
Co-Sponsor: Larry Levine, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO 

Chair: Thomas Hauser, Director of Research Computing, University of Colorado Boulder

Anke Kamrath- Director of Operations and Services CISL, NCAR
Marie Banich- Director of Institute for Cognitive Science, University of Colorado Boulder
David Bortz- Associate Professor of Applied Math, University of Colorado Boulder
John Cary- Professor of Physics, University of Colorado Boulder
Steve Hammond- Director of Computational Science Center, NREL
Liz Jessup- Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder
Matt Keller- Associate Professor of Pyschology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado Boulder
Kurt Maute- Professor, Center for Aerospace Structures, University of Colorado Boulder
Charles Musgrave- Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder
Russ Poole- Assistant Vice Chancellor for ITS, University of Colorado Denver
Mark Rast- Professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder
Richard Requeiro- Associate Professor of Civil, Enviornmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder
Jim Syvitski- Executive Director of CSDMS, University of Colorado Boulder
Oleg Vasilyev- Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder
Debra Weiss- Senior Instructor Libraries, University of Colorado Boulder