Problem with DTN and Summit scratch access


The network configuration issue between HPCF-data and other Science Network subnets has been corrected, and access to /scratch/summit/ has been restored on login and dtn. We took this opportunity to reboot dtn as well, and service there seems to have stabilized as well.

Original message:

We are investigating a potentially related set of issues regarding the RC data-transfer nodes (supporting Globus) and access to Summit scratch from outside of summit. It appears that there is some failure in the network connectivity between the HPCF and COMP services; but we are continuing to investigate and will advise here as we have more information.

Until then, Globus transfers may not succeed (though they should remainin queued for some time while we sort this out) and Summit scratch is inaccessible from login nodes and DTNs.

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 -0600