Meet the RC Staff- Zeb Sampedro

           Zebula Sampedro is a Web Applications Developer for Research Computing. He was hired several years ago as a Student Systems Administrator, and says that working for Research Computing as a student “gave me really valuable experience I wouldn’t have gained elsewhere.” Sampedro was given the opportunity to work across the full stack of a Top 50 supercomputer, and was able to “learn from a lot of talented and approachable people.” After graduating, he joined the team full-time.

            Sampedro’s current position involves designing, developing and maintaining web applications for HPC environments. He is involved throughout the lifecycle of a project, from concept to maintenance. Being able to see a project through from beginning to end and work on the full stack is, he says, an “incredibly rewarding experience.”

            Despite a profound fear of public speaking, Sampedro cites giving talks at the XSEDE and RMACC Conferences in 2015 as his most exciting experiences with this job. He spoke about the work he had done with Apache Spark, and says that “Seeing that many people show up to listen about what I had been doing gave my work a lot more relevance. It made me feel like I was doing something that others could benefit from.”

            Going forward, Sampedro hopes to play a significant role in broadening the reach of Research Computing infrastructure, making the department’s resources accessible to users from new disciplines who want to approach high-performance computing in unique and exciting ways. Outside of work, Sampedro climbs, cycles, and makes dad jokes. Asked which animal he would choose to have as a pet, he says, “I put mouse ears on my Roomba. I am fairly sure that constitutes pet-ownership.”