Meet the RC Staff- Dan Milroy

          Daniel Milroy studied physics and math as an undergraduate student before working as a physics teacher in the Peace Corps. When his school connected to the nascent electrical grid, he assumed his first Information Technology role to configure and maintain the computer lab. He came to the University of Colorado, Boulder, to earn his Ph.D. in computer science and accepted a position on the Research Computing team. He explains, “Imagining the cascading lights of the Jurassic Park supercomputer, I applied to Research Computing as a student system administrator.”

            In his current position, Milroy works to maintain and improve the performance of Research Computing’s storage and data transfer systems. He will soon be helping to optimize the new scratch file system on the Summit supercomputer, which will be installed this summer. Milroy’s most exciting experience with Research Computing has been bringing the PetaLibrary Archive system, which supports the archival storage needs of diverse research groups, online.


            In the future, Milroy hopes to work more closely with researchers on their applications, focusing on I/O optimization. He says, “I’m eager to apply machine learning and statistics to HPC problems.” Asked which animal he would choose as a pet, Milroy responds, “When I graduate to having a yard I’ll get a dog. They’re the best people.”