Meet the RC Staff- Bruce Loftis

             Bruce Loftis has been working with high-performance computing at various universities for 25 years. He has multiple engineering degrees; most recently, he earned a degree in Water Resources Engineering from Colorado State University. He says that he “got hooked on scientific computing,” and he has led user support activities for systems at these sites:

After retiring from the University of Tennessee and moving back to Colorado, Loftis found that “retirement didn’t take.” He knew Thomas Hauser, Director for Research Computing, from previous work and joined the Research Computing team part-time.

 In his current position, Loftis helps researchers learn about and gain access to National Science Foundation-sponsored high-performance computing resources. He is also involved in team-teaching an academic class in Scientific Visualization. Loftis is helping to develop a curriculum in high-performance computing with a well-designed remote capability, which will appeal not only to graduate students at CU, but also to other universities and to the Front-Range tech community. Moving forward, he hopes to continue developing this high-performance computing curriculum, marketing it locally and otherwise.

Asked where he would go if he could travel anywhere in the world, Loftis replied, “I just like going to the mountains. There are some nearby.”