Meet the RC Staff- Shelley Knuth

Shelley Knuth is the research computing data management specialist. Originally from Wisconsin, she came to CU Boulder to pursue her PhD in Atmospheric Science and has worked for research computing for the last two years. 

All of the research conducted on campus produces vast quantities of data, which researchers must share, store and organize. Knuth acts as a consultant in this process and reviews the data management plans that researchers submit to funding agencies. She says that data management matters “for so many reasons, but the one that resonates with most people is that if you don’t manage your data properly, you could lose it!” She finds learning about the different types of research on campus to be the most exciting part of her job, saying that “There’s a lot of cool stuff!”

Teaching seminars related to data management, and the more technical aspects of computing, is another major part of her role on campus. She spends typical work days preparing for lectures or seminars, attending meetings to plan for larger data initiatives on campus, and consulting with researchers.


Of the best meal she’s ever eaten, Knuth says, “I remember it well. It was in 2005 in Savannah, Georgia at The Shrimp Factory. The dish was shrimp and crab au gratin. It was amazing.”