RC Planned Maintenance Downtime Information

CU-Boulder Research Computing resources may be down for maintenance approximately once per month, normally on the first Wednesday of each month.  

All planned maintenance downtimes are preannounced, usually at least a week in advance, via the "RC-Announce" mailing list.  Information about unplanned outages will also be communicated through this email list.  We advise all RC users to subscribe by sending an email to rc-announce-join@colorado.edu .  

Other ways to find out about outages, which may include information about estimated times for return to service, include:

  • The RC web page at www.rc.colorado.edu.  Look for Maintenance and System Announcements in the right-hand column.

  • Twitter.  You can follow @CUBoulderRC .

  • "Message of the Day" that is printed in your terminal each time you log in to an RC login node.

Because RC compute, storage, and network systems are complex and are generally designed for performance and capacity rather than redundancy, maintenance work often requires the systems to be taken partially or completely off line.  RC staff are well aware of the impact that outages can have on the researchers we support, so we make every attempt to minimize the frequency and duration of planned downtimes.